Coast Investigations specializes in the repatriation of  stolen,  embezzled, impounded and  seized U.S. owned vehicles from the Republic of Mexico. We also offer our services on many other related issues regarding U.S. vehicles in Mexican territories.
Simply advise us of your recovered loss or impounded vehicle in Mexico. We will run it through our database and let you know immediately if we already have information on it. If not we will do the following:

1. Locate and inspect the vehicle. Once inspected we will then e-mail you photos, a condition report and recovery charges. This allows you to make a cost effective decision whether or not to repatriate the vehicle. We will also notify you of any information that we obtain in regards to any suspects in custody or a possible fraudulent claim.

2. If you decide to have us repatriate the vehicle, we will then advise you of any documents that are required, and forward you any documents necessary for you to complete and return.

3. We will then submit all documents to the proper government agencies and holding auhtorities. Once the vehicle release is obtained, we will then advance all charges and transport the vehicle back to the U.S..

5. The vehicle will be processed upon re-entry to the U.S. by Customs and law enforcement. It will then be delivered to the agreed upon location and you will be notified once delivered.

What We Have to Offer
Our service area includes all 31 United Mexican States and 1 federal district, Mexico City.